2021 ELTS Virtual Conference

October 15th & 16th, 2021

The English Language Testing Society is pleased to announce our inaugural international conference and welcome all those interested to join us and participate. See below for information about the conference. Registration will be available from April 2021.

Crosscurrents: Proficiency Testing & Classroom Assessment

Assessment covers broad territory, from the language classroom to large-scale testing centers. While there is common ground between proficiency testing and classroom assessment, for example the critical importance of validity and reliability, they also have their own distinctive features (e.g. formative feedback and classroom assessment). This conference, as with our organization, focuses on both of these types of assessment and the intersections, commonalities, and differences between them. With a focus on promoting assessment literacy and best practices, this conference welcomes presentation proposals from a broad range of testing areas, such as:

Proficiency Testing topics Classroom Assessment topics
1 Writing items and tasks Effective feedback
2 Test specs Diagnostic assessment
3 Scores and scoring Summative assessment
4 Computer scoring of writing Formative assessment
5 Test design Assessing the productive skills (Writing, Speaking)
6 Evaluation of language tests Assessing the receptive skills (Listening, Reading)
7 Test proctoring Assessing grammar and vocabulary
8 Test validation methods Administering teacher-made tests
9 Writing items and tasks Plagiarism and cheating
10 Technology and test administration Grading and student evaluation

These are just a few of the possible topics for conference sessions. The conference is intended for individuals, corporations, classroom teachers, program administrators and anybody engaged in English language testing who are interested in best practices and collaboration with colleagues from around the world.

The Proposal submission process is now closed.

Conference Co-Chairs

Co-chairs for this event are Eddy White, PhD (University of Arizona, USA), Sahbi Hidri, Ph.D. (Higher College of Technology, Abu Dhabi), and Michael Burri, Ph.D. (University of Wollongong, Australia).

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