2023 Virtual Conference | October 27 and 28, 2023

English Language Assessment and AI:
What to Expect?

With the recent advent of easy access to generative AI platforms, professionals in the field of English language assessment and testing are re-evaluating their approach to many aspects of their practice, including security, plagiarism, and authentic communication.

As the use of these new technologies becomes wide-spread, English language assessment and testing professionals are seeking opportunities to share and learn about innovative ways that test developers, teachers, and administrators are adapting to this new technological landscape.

The 2023 ELTSociety Annual Conference will provide a platform for sharing and learning as the field discerns how AI will be used for the benefit of test takers, test developers, teachers, administrators, and students.

Review Last Year's Virtual Conference (2022)

Applying Meaningful and Sound Assessment Practices in New Global Realities‚Äč

The global response to the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about many changes in the fields of English language testing and assessment as online remote options were quickly developed and implemented. Still, the need for the sound application of foundational principles in the fields of language assessment and testing remains unchanged. This conference focuses on how sound language assessment and testing principles have been applied in these new language testing and assessment contexts and how professionals plan to apply these principles in the future.

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