Every Word Must Tell

As a non-native English teacher, I have always carried magnifying glasses so as to spot general errors, subject-verb agreement, misplaced commas and/or slips of the like. Not much long ago, I realized that marking a piece of writing that is “unclear” to me involves more than just narrowing my feedback down to linguistic non-conformity.

The Aftermath of the Pandemic and (Language) Assessment: Are We There Yet?

Earlier this year, as schools around the world (of course, mine included) prepared to shift their activities and classes from face-to-face to (some 100%, others partially) virtual mode, I wrote a text1 using the GPS metaphor, which should, then, guide the way through the not-much-traveled roads and lead us “home”. The overarching argument of this essay is that the driving forces that should calibrate/orient the GPS to take us up and down these roads are the much-known principles of assessment.

Testing by any other name…

Testing By Any Other Name … Retired Academic Director of the ELS Language CenterNew York City Nuance In Language           When I started teaching ESL, although I thought I had accumulated enough knowledge to go into the classroom, I was not sure my college professors would have approved of my performance – not because I …

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