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Community Update – October 2021

Dan Lesho, ELTSociety President, shares updates on the development of the English Test Directory, social media community building, new website features, plans for the future, and more!

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Testing in 10 – Brenda Robati

This month, Testing in 10 welcomes Brenda Robati, CEO of The Language Company. Brenda and I discuss testing large groups of students, cheating during online testing, test standards and accreditation, and the post-COVID future for language programs.

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Testing in 10 – Thomas Shandorf

Interview with Thomas Shandorf, Director of The American Language Center of Florence – Istituto Americano di Firenze.

Sponsored by Practical English Promotion Systems of Japan

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Basic Knowledge about the Assessment Systems in Japan

Many educators, including myself, have pointed out that Japanese English education’s ineffectiveness is largely due to the existing assessment systems. While the world looks to four-skills assessment or even four-skills-integrated assessment, Japan is still struggling to introduce the modern-day speaking assessment…

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Webinar – Being Assessment Literate

April, 2021 webinar session – Eddy White and Tahnee Bucher delve into the meaning behind the concept of being “assessment literate” when in the world of ESL EFL in classroom assessment.

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