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Davis, California, USA – The English Language Testing Society has been officially launched. The goal of the Society, or “ELTSociety” as it is known, is to become the leading organizational advocate for excellence in English language testing. ELTSociety will work to advance, improve, promote, and develop a widespread understanding of guidelines and best practices for language assessment systems world-wide.


“We are very excited to launch this new society. It is a community of practice and professional body of assessment specialists, test developers, language teachers, program administrators, and all other stakeholders interested in creating, collecting, organizing, disseminating, and supporting effective guidelines and best practices related to English language testing. We extend a warm welcome to our professional colleagues, organizations, companies, and institutions, and invite you to be part of our society promoting excellence in English language testing. Come and join us!”

Eddy White, PhD, Assessment Coordinator, Associate Professor, University of Arizona.

Membership is open to anyone (individuals and organizations) interested in English language testing – from long time professionals to newcomers in the field. This includes teachers, administrators, and students, as well as schools, companies, and organizations. The ELTSociety Board of Trustees is comprised of an international mix of members dedicated to promoting the highest standards of English language testing. Annual membership information may be found at here. All individuals who sign up and pay by Friday, March 20, 2020 will be designated as “founding members” of ELTSociety.

As an organization, ELTSociety plans to be active in a variety of ways including representation at the upcoming 2020 TESOL and NAFSA Annual conferences. In addition, the ELTSociety website will serve as an informational clearinghouse of English language testing and assessment news and resources.

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