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These 10-minute (or thereabouts) interviews with assessment professionals from around the world provide multiple perspectives on how classroom assessment and large scale language testing play out for individuals in their contexts. Loosely structured around the themes of testing challenges, choices and consequences, these friendly interviews provide a range of voices and views from professionals across the English language assessment spectrum. Ten minutes is time well spent to hear and learn from fellow professionals around the world.


Testing in 10 – Thomas Shandorf

Interview with Thomas Shandorf, Director of The American Language Center of Florence – Istituto Americano di Firenze.

Sponsored by Practical English Promotion Systems of Japan

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Testing in 10 – Michael Fields

Michael Fields, Assistant Professor at the University of Delaware, discusses leading language research and the importance of incorporating English language assessment literacy in the skillset of today’s language educators.

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Testing in 10 – Gabriel Amorim, PhD

Dr. Gabriel Amorim from UFES – Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo discusses testing perspectives in the world of ESL testing, teaching, and research Brazil, as well as his journey within the industry of assessment.

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