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Our goal at the English Language Testing Society (ELTSociety) is to become the leading advocate for excellence in English language testing. This includes large-scale proficiency testing, as well as the achievement testing happening with teachers and students in the classroom. We strive to advance, improve, promote and develop a widespread understanding of guidelines and best practices for language assessment worldwide.

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What we're about


Our Mission is to promote quality and standards for assessment of English as-a-Second or Foreign Language worldwide.


Our vision is to be recognized as the premier international organization for teachers and other professionals in the field of ESL/EFL testing.


Together we amass decades of experience in the International Education field. Our trustees' knowledge ranges from standardized test creation, international business and administration, teaching and much more.

Core principles


Being straightforward, honest and truthful in all professional and business relationships.


Not allowing bias, conflict of interest or the influence of others to override your professional judgement.

professional behavior

Complying with relevant laws and regulations of the nations we are based in.


No disclosing professional information unless having been given specific permission to do so or a legal duty to do so.


An ongoing commitment to your level of professional knowledge and skill.

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Joining as a member means you are saying yes to becoming a leading advocate for the preservation of excellence in English language testing for professionals and organizations throughout the world. You will join a wide and diverse network of professionals in the field who are eager to collaborate and get to work.

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