Our Sponsors

ELTSociety would like to thank the sponsors that support the work of our organization. Through the generous donations of these organizations, ELTSociety is able to further the work of professionalization in the field of English language testing and assessment. Sponsors support many ELTSociety initiatives including the society’s annual virtual conference, professional development webinars, and test and professional directories. ELTSociiety trustees and members are proud to partner with these sponsors, and we invite visitors to learn more about the organizations supporting our work.

Gold Sponsors

S.P.A. (Speaking Proficiency Assessment)

S.P.A. was developed to provide an optimal speaking performance assessment tool that addresses the inherent communication challenges that corporations and organizations face in the ever-evolving, diverse and dynamic landscape of modern global business.

iTEP International

The International Test of English Proficiency or iTEP is a language assessment tool that measures the English skills of non-native English speakers. The test is supported by more than 700 institutions including the California State University system.

The American Language Center of Florence

The American Language Center of Florence was founded in 1959 by the United States Information Service and then privatized in the 1960's. It is now one of the leading American English schools in Italy, and has received approval from the Ministry of Public Education to teach American English and culture.

Mark Algren

Mark served as the president (2009-2010) of the TESOL International Association, from which he received the Alatis Award for Distinguished Service to TESOL in 2017. Mark currently serves as a commissioner for CEA (Commission on English Language Program Accreditation).

Silver Sponsors

English Language Programs – US Department of State

The Office of English Language Programs designs and manages programs to promote language learning and support the teaching of English in countries around the world. These programs are administered through local American Embassies and Consulates and are overseen by Regional English Language Officers.

Tetsuya Yasukochi

Tetsuya Yasukochi has worked as an English teacher for 30 years at Toshin High School. He is also the Representative Director at the Practical English Promotion Systems foundation, which he established. Tetsuya worked as a government advisory for English education reform. He has published over 100 books about learning English.

Bronze Sponsors


English3 is a world-leader in English language assessment and instruction. We work with top-tier universities, Fortune 500 companies, large and small businesses, public and private educational institutions, as well as individual learners.


IELTS USA provides information and support to organizations that use IELTS to measure the English language proficiency of international applicants, and works with US stakeholders to increase the number of institutions and programs that use the test throughout the United States.

Christine Coombe

Christine Coombe has a Ph.D in Foreign/Second Language Education from The Ohio State University. She is currently an Associate Professor of General Studies at Dubai Men’s College. She is the former Testing and Measurements Supervisor at UAE University and Assessment Coordinator of Zayed University.

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