Webinar – Designing Reading Tests

ELTSociety Webinar – Designing Reading Tests Led by our Webinar Chair, Michael Fields, and sponsored by S.P.A. (Speaking Proficiency Assessment)

Webinar – Assessing Writing

Assessing Writing: Content, Organization, Grammar, Vocabulary \sponsored by S.P.A. (Speaking Proficiency Assessment)

Webinar – Being Assessment Literate

April, 2021 webinar session – Eddy White and Tahnee Bucher delve into the meaning behind the concept of being “assessment literate” when in the world of ESL EFL in classroom assessment.

Webinar – Assessing Vocabulary

March, 2021 webinar session – Tahnee Bucher discusses questions related to the proper methodology
used when assessing the vocabulary of non-native English speakers.

Webinar – Assessing Grammar

February, 2021 webinar session – The group reviews the best strategies and methodology used when assessing grammar for English learners.

Webinar – Test Security

November 2020 (5:00 AM Pacific Time, US and Canada) – Webinar session on the fundamental theories and practice of testing security within the ELT community.

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