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📝Interview With Tetsuya (Ted) Yasukochi

Testing in japan

Tetsuya (Ted) Yasukochi describes and explains the various challenges and  choices made in Japan related to both large scale testing and classroom  assessment.

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1 thought on “Testing in 10 – Tetsuya (Ted) Yasukochi”

  1. Abdulsamad Humaidan

    Thank you professor White for the interview and thank you Tetsuya (Ted) Yasukochi for your input about the various challenges and choices made in Japan related to both large scale testing and classroom assessment in the country. What caught my attention from the interview was what I understood as the concept of not accepting the scores of multiple standardized proficiency language tests and the push back against that from the academia community! Thank you again Tetsuya (Ted) Yasukochi for your input on that!
    Abdulsamad Humaidan

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