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As President of the English Language Testing Society (ELTS), it gives me great pleasure to welcome you as a new member of our organization. The Mission of the English Language Testing Society is to advance, improve, promote and develop a widespread understanding of guidelines, excellent standards and best practices for language assessment systems. Our Vision is to become and be recognized as the leading advocate for excellence in English language testing worldwide. As an organization, our core principles are to advance, improve, promote and protect the profession of English language testing worldwide by providing opportunities for the exchange of expertise, experiences and opinions. These, we will accomplish through meetings, communications, education, research, and publications for International English Programs and businesses related to English Language Testing. We will assist and encourage professional participants to reach the highest levels of effectiveness, efficiency, and achievement for their customers and clients, acquire, preserve and disseminate data and information in the field of second language acquisition and testing. We will cooperate with counterpart organizations in the field and encourage collaboration on endeavors which help promote the organization and its core members. We look forward to benefiting from your membership, achieving our goals together and creating a future of excellence in English language testing. Sincerely,

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