Placement Testing

Spring International Language Center at the University of Arkansas

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Spring International Language Center is a professional academic organization that provides English language training and cross-cultural education As an institution, we strive for excellence in an environment which treats faculty, staff and students with respect. We endeavor to understand and appreciate the students’ cultural differences and to enhance their ability to function effectively across cultures. We believe in encouraging the language acquisition and personal progress of students in an atmosphere of support, openness, and understanding.

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What Aspects of Speaking Can AI Assess?

In AI, the movie by Steven Spielberg, the robot child named David attains what most experts consider almost impossible for AI to achieve, the ability to love. With this level of technology, it would be possible for AI graders to assess every aspect of test takers’ speaking skills.

Testing in 10 – Dr. Deborah Crusan

Deborah Crusan is professor of TESOL/Applied Linguistics at Wright State University where she prepares teachers for the language classroom and teaches linguistics, assessment, and pedagogical grammar in the MATESOL program.

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