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Every month the ELTSociety hosts webinars about assessment topics, from both the classroom and large-scale proficiency testing, focused on developing the assessment literacy of members. Based on specific topics (e.g. assessing speaking, rubrics), the webinars provide an interactive and engaging experience for Society members to collaborate, share and develop professionally. Those who cannot attend in person, can view the recorded sessions here.


Webinar – Being Assessment Literate

April, 2021 webinar session – Eddy White and Tahnee Bucher delve into the meaning behind the concept of being “assessment literate” when in the world of ESL EFL in classroom assessment.

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Webinar – Assessing Vocabulary

March, 2021 webinar session – Tahnee Bucher discusses questions related to the proper methodology
used when assessing the vocabulary of non-native English speakers.

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